Smart Home company Wirefree launches in Sydney, a smart home technology integrator and online retailer, today announced it is commencing operations in Sydney. The company, which prides itself on delivering affordable and tailormade automation solutions for residential and small business projects, is expecting to expand its operations across the East Coast through a network of installers starting in H2-2017

“We are excited about the rate of innovation in the smart home market, brought about by the introduction of wireless technology which significantly reduces both material and installation cost”, says Arnulf Fuglestein, Managing Director. “Automation systems used to be proprietary and hard-wired to the building, locking the customer to a single high-cost provider. The development of secure wireless protocols has provided a platform for both start-ups and larger corporates to rapidly innovate and launch products that integrate seamlessly with each other. Customers are now able to choose solutions that better suit their individual needs and budget.”

The primary platform used by Wirefree is governed by the Z-Wave Alliance, which comprises of 450 member companies and a staggering 1700 products, all interoperable with each other. Smart devices include switches for lights and power points, thermostats, energy monitors, door locks, motor controls for blinds and garage doors, and a wide range of sensors. The technology is specifically developed for automation applications; a key difference in comparison to popular Wi-Fi based products.

The Australian Smart Home market is expected to grow to $3.2bn by 2019, according to Telsyte’s 2015 IoT@ Home Market Study. In the same report, Telsyte estimates that by 2019 the average household will have 24 Internet-connected devices, up from nine in 2015. Smart home controllers from Wirefree allow customers to integrate and control these individual devices from a single user interface, such as a smartphone app or by voice control.

Wirefree (ABN 78 616 733 754) is a seasoned team of electrical engineers, computer scientists and electricians. We use wireless technology to provide cost-efficient smart home solutions that let our customers connect, automate, and control their home from anywhere.

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