Smart home solutions for the hard of hearing

Connect Hearing

For a communication-friendly environment, smart homes lead the way in providing safety, security, convenience and comfort. The Wirefree team have been included in the article, ‘Creating a Communication Friendly Home’ from Connect Hearing, as experts in the field of wireless building automation.

Wireless automation can really help you improve communication in your household. Our smart home solutions are powered by secure, wireless Z-Wave technology that can integrate with any existing electrical system. As a registered NDIS Provider, we provide Assistive Technology and Home Modification services in NSW.

Our team of engineers and electricians suggest using commercially-available equipment wherever possible, as opposed to purpose-built assistive technology. This is because the products that appeal to the mass market generally provide better value for the very latest technology.

To enhance communication in the home, using video doorbells and intercoms are essential for the hard of hearing. These products can connect directly to your phone and give a visual and vibration alert when you have a visitor. Doorbells and safety and security sensors, can also connect to flashing LED indicators and audible alarms to ensure the message is clear, which is especially useful for family members with hearing loss.

For example, a DoorBird wireless intercom connects over WiFi and is powered by your existing intercom or doorbell wiring. With it, you can see your visitors, speak to them and even open the door or gate via a smartphone or a tablet, whether you’re at home or not. Systems like these provide extra security, peace of mind and added comfort for all members of your household, not to mention adding a whole new element of practicality to daily life.

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