Security Master License

Wirefree was today issued a Security Master License by the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED).

In NSW, licensing is a requirement for any organisation that sells and installs security equipment. This includes both alarm systems and CCTV IP cameras. The NSW Police Force carry out background checks on Companies and their representatives, to ensure they are suitably qualified. Leading manufacturers also require their equipment to be sold and installed by a licensed operator. In most cases this is a condition of their product warranties.


The licensing is an important milestone for Wirefree, as it allows us to further optimise our product packages. As an example, we can now add security cameras to our Smart Lock Kit to give customers complete access control to their home. You can now get a live video stream from the front door on the smartphone app, and single tap access to control the lock. Snapshots or video snippets can be stored in the cloud for every person that enters the property.


We look forward to bringing out some innovative product packages in the near future that combines both smart home and security features. To that end, we are currently working with a number of new suppliers which we aim to introduce through the website over coming months. Until then, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a customised package or quote.

License check

All companies that sell and install security equipment including CCTV IP cameras in NSW require a master security license.

Check our license here

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