Price drop on the Wirefree Starter Kit

Want to have a go at home automation? We just dropped the price of our starter kit over the weekend! Start controlling appliances from your phone for as little as $559, with plenty of options to expand later.

The starter kit includes a z-wave based smart home controller, a multi sensor (motion, temperature, light), and two plug-in switches which can control appliances such as portable heaters, lamps and more. Designed to be a user-friendly DIY introduction to home automation, it is also powerful enough to enable real comfort and energy savings now.

The free app lets you monitor sensor readings from your smart phone, and control your connected devices by a simple touch. You can also easily configure automations based on sensor readings.

The multi sensor has a 2-year battery life and is the size of a golf ball. It can be placed anywhere with the included adhesive, and gives accurate temperature and light readings while also detecting motion. The two plug-in switches feature standard AU sockets with a 10A rating, meaning you can use it to control virtually any household device with a standard power plug.

What does this all mean? Below are a few examples of automations that can be enabled when a device is connected to a plug-in switch.

Lamp (smart lighting):

  • Turn on the lamp when motion is detected
  • Turn on the lamp when motion is detected, but only between 10pm – 6am
  • Turn on the lamp when the room is getting dark (light sensor <100lux)

Portable heater (thermostat, energy saving):

  • Turn on the heater when temperature drops below 20degC
  • Turn off the heater when temperature goes above 22degC
  • Turn off the heater from 8am to 4pm
  • Turn on the heater when I’m at home

Entertainment system (energy saving):

  • Turn off power from 12AM to 5PM to save energy

Wi-Fi modem (if you have kids in the house …):

  • Turn off wi-fi from 10PM to 7AM

Coffee machine (wake up and smell the coffee!):

  • Turn on power at 6AM

Read more about our starter kit here:

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