Introducing the Amplifi Mesh Wi-Fi system

Is your old router struggling?

One of the first realisations you may have when getting into smart home technology is that your home Wi-Fi network is completely inadequate. Traditional home routers simply aren’t made to deal with the sheer number of devices and data rates we’re suddenly demanding. Think Google Home, Amazon Echo, iPads, iPhones, laptops, TVs, connected fridges, … you get the picture. Your router needs to be able to multi-task.

A second problem is Wi-Fi range. Does your current router cover the back yard, garage, basement, upstairs rooms in your full brick terrace? Some manufacturers have tried to deal with this by maximizing antenna output. It may work for downloading data, but how about uploads? Others developed ”range extenders” which set up a secondary wi-fi network. It works, but now you have to choose which network to connect to – the main router or the extender? Often you up with a poor connection because you’re not automatically connected to the most appropriate one.

Contrast this to a typical corporate network – you connect once, and never really think about it again. It just works. Why can’t we get this at home?

Get an enterprise grade network – at home

Enter Ubiquity Networks, the leading manufacturer of enterprise network equipment. You may have never heard of them, but chances are you’ve connected to their gear either at work, at the airport, or at the footy stadium. That same seamless experience is now available from their Amplifi range of mesh Wi-Fi equipment.

The mesh network works by plugging mesh points into a power socket in the far corners of your house, much like a traditional range extender. But unlike range extenders, the mesh points communicate with the router over dual-band radio to significantly improve throughput.

Extenders also often require a different SSID (network name) however with the Amplifi system you only connect to a single network. Devices will automatically be connected to the nearest router or mesh point.

Choose a kit that suits your needs

Start with a single Amplifi Router or get a kit with mesh points included. You can easily add additional mesh points later.

You won’t need an IT department

The technology is extremely sophisticated, but thankfully you won’t need a PhD in computer engineering to set up and use the system. Just power up, download the Amplifi app and you’re guided through a few, easy steps.

Interested? Check out our full range of Amplifi Mesh Wi-Fi at Wirefree Smart Home.

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