Amazon Echo: 3 steps to setup in Australia

The Amazon Echo smart speaker has been a runaway success in the US, selling >5m units in 2016 alone. In addition to its inbuilt voice assistant capabilities (which are amazing), a large part of its success is owed to its “skills” enabling commands being sent to and from 3rd party services such as Spotify, Pandora, Uber and Domino’s Pizza to name a few. It also integrates with smart home platforms such as FibaroSmappee and Vera enabling commands such as “Alexa, turn off the lights”.

Unfortunately for Australian customers, while Amazon has made public their plans to launch in Australia, it’s still not clear when that will happen and whether the Amazon Echo will be available from launch. In the mean-time, early adopters have been importing units from Amazon US through online concierge and mail forwarding services such as and

We’ve found many of our customers are eager to use these Alexa enabled products together with their smart home system, but are unsure whether they will work in Australia. We cannot guarantee they will, but have put together this 3-step guide based on our own testing and experience and hope you will find it useful.


This is relatively simple, just go to your local Bunnings or Officeworks and pick one up for $10. The Echo’s adaptor takes 120-240V input so works with local voltage. Take note of the shape though (pictured): You need an AU adaptor with a flat front surface due to the bulky shape around the US plug.

If you’re using an Echo Dot, it is USB powered and you can use the one included with your smartphone or similar instead of the one included in the box.


The Alexa app is used to set up and control your new device. It’s available in the following locations:

But there’s a catch: Each country or region has a unique App Store or Google Play Store, and currently the Alexa app is not available in Australia. This is partly because Amazon has not fully developed the local infrastructure to run the service, which we’ll cover in step 3. So how can you get around this?

Essentially you will need to tell your smartphone that you’re actually in the US. We’ve included below the steps to do this on an iOS device, and it is similar for Android devices. If this gets too difficult you can always use your browser to configure the Echo, as you’re not likely to be using the app much anyways now that you have voice control!

  1. Launch the App Store from your Home screen
  2. Tap on Apple ID: [your current email] at the very bottom
  3. Tap on Sign Out

Next you need to change the region on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Launch Settings from your Home screen
  2. Tap on General > Language & Region > Region
  3. Select United States

Finally you need to create the new account in the US App Store:

  1. Find the Amazon Alexa App on your iPhone or iPad (If you can’t find it you may still be in the Australian App Store. Tap this link and select Change Store if that’s the case.)
  2. Create a new Apple ID with a US address. Select “None” for billing information (the app is free) and verify your email address.
  3. Download and install the app
  4. Log back in to your regular account and change your region settings back to Australia


Using the Alexa app and the included instructions, you’ll now be able to set up your device. At the time of writing, you can select metric units and the local timezone, but not an Australian address. This means you can’t use location based services such as ordering an Uber or pizza, and you will have to specify your location when asking for the weather. “Alexa, what’s the weather forecast for Sydney” will work just fine. “Alexa, what’s the weather forecast” might give you the weather in the US …

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  • Imported an Amazon Tap which I received yesterday (18/08/17). When setting it up last night, I was able to enter my Australian address (in Perth) for both the Amazon Tap, and I updated my Australian address on my existing Amazon Echo Dot without any issue!
    Even tested it by asking how’s the weather, and Alexa responded by providing me with the weather of my local/home suburb beautifully!! Sweet! ?

  • Amazing! Thanks for letting us know. I have been trying to get this Australian address issue to work for ages! Previous workarounds all stopped working. Looks like Amazon is finally properly launching in Oz soon.

  • Australian address setup was working for me last week, but now (weekend), it appears to have reverted to its previous behavior of disallowing AU addresses. Both iphone app and web app.

  • Please help me
    I downloaded the us app
    The echo light is orange
    When i open the app it seems to be thinking and will not open. I have previously got to the last step then cant find my wifi network when i type it in with the password it wont recognize it.
    Does the WPA options make a difference 
    Any help will be much appreciated

  • Looks like Apple now won’t let you set up a new ID to use in the US app store without a payment method – even for a free app, the ‘none’ option no longer appears in the payment setup.

  • We had the Alexa working well until we went on to the nbn but now ,it keeps saying it cannot connect, can anyone help we didn’t set up the actual echo dot , my brother did when he bought it with him on his visit to Australia earlier this year

  • Purchased on Amazon Echo online and set it up today. Knows my address (Berri in country SA) and Alexa will give me weather for my location and let me know about shops nearby etc. All seems to be working great!

  • I cannot set this up I get all the way to verification code then it says we are having a problem I set up US account , does anyone know how to set this up in Australia

  • This article worked for me also. Once the app has been installed on your iPad you can set Alexa to answer temperature in centigrade and distance in metric. You can also set your Timezone to an Australian Timezone. What you can’t do is set an Australian location (yet). This means you have to ask for weather in Melbourne, etc. but it works well. Thanks for the instructions.

  • The ‘official release’ of the Echo in Australia is a disaster – all the main skills I was happily using previously have simply disappeared from my Echo as a result of the Echo becoming officially available in Australia. The skills I used are not available to Australia users, so the device is now a paperweight. Appalling effort Amazon.

  • I’ve tried to download the Alexa app to my iPhone both in Australia and the US. Each time it says I can only get it from the US App Store and requests that I change store again. I do so then it repeats as requests the opposite. How can I get this app for use in Australia?

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